The completion of the fifth generation of air condensation water production systems enabled Eole Water to develop a range of products adapted to customer requirements: water production, energy independence, low maintenance, logistical flexibility, no environmental impact. Each part has been carefully designed to ensure that Eole Water’s products are the strongest and most innovative today.


(NERIOS: goddess of springs and rivers)

NERIOS G3kW – Grid Tie Powered

NERIOS S3kW – Solar Powered

Individuals – Communities – Companies

  • 100 liters of drinking water per day
  • Easy using
  • Reduced maintenance


Drinking water has never been so close to you!

New model in Eole Water’s range of products, NERIOS has a rated power of 3 kW and is thus smaller than the previous designed models. Totally self-sufficient thanks to the use of solar energy, this machine has the particularity to be equipped with an innovative ice-storage system allowing to postpone water production at the more efficient hours of the day, when the air is the most packed with moisture. The ice-storage system, by limiting the use of traditional batteries, makes the machine even greener and contributes to extend its lifetime.

With a small size, NERIOS was designed to require as little maintenance as possible : it can be installed and moved easily. The machine is delivered ready to use. It requires only 28 solar panels, that is to say a surface equivalent to about 45 m². Its way of working has been simplified to the maximum to allow a quick handling of the machine.

NERIOS, with a daily capacity of 100 L, is our compact and all terrain model. It suits numerous different uses. Whether civil or military, it is for sure the ideal model in case of emergency. It can also meet the needs of those who are looking for an autonomous water production system which is economical, eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Commercial / Industrial

(LUXOVIUS: god of a city’s water)


LUXOVIUS S33kW – Solar Powered

Always at the forefront of innovation, Eole Water has developed a reliable and efficient solution to growing demand: a solar-powered water production device. The LUXOVIUS S33kW Solar Panel has been designed with this ambition: to produce water only from the sun.

No electrical grid is needed: it is the most suitable technology for areas where the main resource is natural and constant exposure to the sun and which suffer from water scarcity. Operating with a clean energy source, the LUXOVIUS S33kW Solar Panel is fully self-sufficient.

It can be installed anywhere, thanks to its 20’ container size, and its components have been selected to ensure easy maintenance.


LUXOVIUS G33kW – Grid Tie Powered

Some remote areas require more water than energy. Based on this observation, Eole Water decided to develop a technology designed to provide water to areas already benefiting from a stable and reliable energy source.
This led to the development of the LUXOVIUS G33kW Grid Tie, which focuses on what is essential: water production.

Connected to an electrical network, or to a generator, this solution offers a high and constant level of water production, 24 hours a day, while complying with a high energy efficiency.

With a 20’ container size, the LUXOVIUS G33kW Grid Tie can be shipped at low cost and does not need any heavy lifting equipment for its installation. The proven quality of its components and the carefully designed ergonomic interior help to reduce and facilitate maintenance operations.

Commercial / Industrial Wind Turbine

(COVENTINA: goddess of wells and springs)



For nearly 15 years, Eole Water team has been working on the development of the COVENTINA wind turbine. This technology has been designed around three major principles:

To offer a sustainable access to safe drinking water

Unlike wells or boreholes, water is always present in the air. The constraint has been to design a reliable technology able to create and collect the water. Thanks to its technical expertise and its high quality components, the COVENTINA wind turbine allows people living in remote areas to benefit from access to safe water for a period of twenty years. The device is capable of producing up to 1,200 liters of water a day.

To operating in completely autonomy

The COVENTINA Wind Turbine has been designed to produce water without any external power source. Wind is the only energy used. With an installed capacity of 30kW and using air as a source of water, the COVENTINA Wind Turbine is perfectly adapted to supplying remote areas completely devoid of any existing infrastructure.

To preserve the environment

Eole Water wanted to offer an innovative technology in line with present-day sustainable development requirements. Wind power is the only source of energy needed to run the water production turbines. No CO2 is released, not groundwater or surface water is pumped. The environmental impact is practically nil.


(BELISAMA: goddess of lakes & rivers, fire, crafts and light)