Fountain Royale SilverIf your family gets home delivery bottled water, you’re paying approximately $55 per month for five, 5 gallon bottles of water.  By purchasing an atmospheric water generator instead, you’ll get 7 years of free water made right from the humidity in the air!

  • Never lift and spill another 5 gallon bottle
  • Make water from the humidity in the air right in your own home
    • Only 30% Relative Humidity required
    • Unlimited & abundant water supply anywhere you have a plug, no plumbing needed
      • Up to 7 gallons made per day
      • Hot or cold
      • Meets or exceeds all World Health Organization standards for clean, safe, drinking water
  • Eliminate the use of 600 5 gallon plastic bottles over 10 years
  • Reduce your family’s carbon footprint of monthly delivery and plastic use

Atmospheric water generators cool the humidity in the air to the dew point, converting it to water which is then filtered and sterilized.  Savings is based on a 10 year life expectancy of the machine with proper maintenance.  Water production volume is dependent upon climate with a minimum of 30% relative humidity.  Return on investment is three years or sooner depending upon daily volume of water used which will vary by family.  Contact Aquavolve today to start saving and never have to buy bottled water again.  Email: