Actor, Producer & Entertainer "King" Joe Okechukwu

Actor, Producer & Entertainer “King” Joe Okechukwu

“King” Joe Okechukwu is a prominent Actor, Producer, and Entertainer who lives in Lagos, Nigeria and serves as the Global Brand Ambassador for Aquavolve.  King Joe recently released a music video that has gone viral online, and is spreading across West Africa and the rest of the continent.  It is being hailed as an anthem of pride internationally and is a positive message of strength, overcoming of adversity, focusing on the positive, and of looking forward to a future of prosperity.  Aquavolve would like to congratulate King Joe on this artistic accomplishment and wishes him all the best with the future plans for this creation.  There are already plans in the works for additional production with multiple versions to include guest singers and performers.  Keep up the great work, King!

See the single now at: