Philanthropic Project Report:
Orphelinat Sainte Augustine à Mehanda[St. Augustine’s Orphanage]

BP 185 Nkoulou, Yaoundé,
Cameroon, Africa

Members of the Zimmermann Family met Aquavolve’s V.P. of International Relations, Chris Mancini, while collectively touring Tanzania in 2017.

Gae Savannah, of the Zimmermann Fund, and Chris Mancini, of Aquavolve discussed the work that both organizations were doing and the start of a collaboration was born.

The New York based foundation wanted to give water to an African community that was having trouble accessing it.  In particular, it was important to Gae that children were spared the daily task of walking long, time consuming distances to get their daily serving of water.

Aquavolve’s V.P. of Research & Development, Scott Gareiss, has established the Cameroon market through his Warsaw, Indiana connections and a good neighbor friend, Jordan Cone, working as a missionary in Yaoundé.

When Aquavolve contacted Jordan Cone, he immediately knew of dozens of locations who would be happy to receive the Zimmermann Fund’s generous donation gift of clean water.  The greatest and most immediate need was the St. Augustine Orphanage.

The well at the Orphanage has been broken for an extended period of time, with the children having to walk 2 km per day to fetch the water for the group.  When Kristin Miskavage, President of the Zimmermann Fund heard of this target location, she happily approved the funding of the project.

Jordan Cone and his team in Cameroon had to wrestle with the import process, which is never easy in Africa, and a high wind storm in February, as well as some electrical challenges with the orphanage.  Aquavolve happily donated the electrical upgrades to make the project a reality.

The Fountain Royale is now installed and working, making 8 gallons, or 30 liters of water from the air per day.  The children gave their new water machine gifts, and broke into song when the first water was drawn.

Aquavolve, LLC cannot thank the Marie & John Zimmermann Fund enough for their generosity.  The children at the St. Augustine Orphanage are eternally grateful for their water independence and the termination of their daily walking assignment for water.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;  indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  – Margaret Mead